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Arduino IDE


NavSpark Board Manager URL "".


LEON3 BCC Compiler (sparc-elf-3.4.4)

Windows Version (.zip, version 3.4.4)

Linux Version (.tar.gz, version 3.4.4)


NavSpark Tools

Windows GNSS Viewer Program (.zip, ver 2.0.180, 20151216)

NavSpark Command Line Download Program Linux Source (.tar.gz, 20140530)


PL2303 USB to Serial Driver

Windows Version (.zip, version 1.9.0)


Code Examples

NavSpark Example Code Files (.zip, 20140522)

SkyTraq NMEA Parser demo for Arduino Uno (SkytraqNmeaParserUno)

SkyTraq NMEA Parser demo for Raspberry Pi (SkytraqNmeaParserPi)