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Just downloaded software get Bad library name error

I have setup following the guide and can compile without error but every time I start the Arduino IDE I get: Ignoring bad library name The library :Adafruit-GFX-Library-master" cannot be used. blah blah blah and after I click OK I get  "pcd8544-master" library error and then I get the first error again with the second error following for the second time. What do I do to get rid of these?

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4 Replies · Reply by Kevin Angus on Wednesday

NMEA GGA positioning precision

I'm looking at NavSpark-GL GGA message configured with GNSS Viewer program. Coordinates has 4 decimal places.  Can that be increased to produce 6 to 7 decimal places? I had a look in a programmer guide but I couldn't find how to change that. Thanks :)

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1 Reply · Reply by Jason Lin Dec 12


Why Is Speed Noisy at Higher Update Rate ?

SkyTraq's GPS/GNSS has fastest update rate in the low-cost consumer/industrial segment.

GPS modules has 50Hz maximum update rate.

NavSpark has 10Hz maximum update rate, reserving enough throughput for application development. Firmware at bottom of NavSpark product page on the web-store also supports 50Hz maximum update rate for NavSpark, 20Hz for NavSpark-BD and NavSpark-GL.

Often users want to use highest update rate regardless of application, and sometimes this gives…

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Jason Lin replied to John Nivard's discussion GNSS viewer
"AN0028 has description on the supported binary command interface, may be useful. Meaning of abbreviations can be found by Google the word and GPS.
10 hours ago
John Nivard posted a discussion
I am new to gps and in need of a description of theGNSS viewer and all its fields and abriviations. Where can I find that description
stane replied to Hari Nair's discussion Strange build error
"I got it building again with a 1 letter Arduino foldername, it's just ridiculous.And yeah, afaik Java is concerned, that stuff is a mess."
Hari Nair replied to Hari Nair's discussion Strange build error
"Thanks for validating  the problem.   To get around this, I installed Ubuntu on an old nettop, then found that the Navspark Arduino IDE on that wasn't working either for me (32bit system problem).  Finally I've been using Finwoods bare-bones Navspar…"
stane replied to Hari Nair's discussion Strange build error
"... and now it seems not even that fix works. It worked a couple of months ago on my tablet, now it doesn't. these are the worst kind of errors"
stane replied to Hari Nair's discussion Strange build error
"the offending command is sparc-elf-mkprom.I'm getting the same error, and it's infuriating. It seems that the input is too long, and that's just stupid.
For me the command looks like this (you can see yours by going to arduino preferences and tickin…"