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Single Frequency Receiver RTK Result Comparison

We have been working on Beidou carrier phase raw measurement output for some time. Below is exciting test comparison showing for single frequency low-cost receiver, more satellites has higher ambiguity-resolved fixed rate. GPS L1 + Beidou B1 combination gets more satellites, helpful especially in urban environment. The test is done using not yet released RTKLIB with Beidou capability, collaborating with Tokyo university.

Receiver Module: S1722F8-BD-RAW

Antenna: HX-CSX601A (base…

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UART1 to 900MHz Radio

Wanting to have a mobile wireless base station, I took a Hextronik 900MHz radio and connected it to my SD adapter board as follows:

Radio      SD Board

5v           5v Out

Gnd        Gnd

Rx          Tx1

It works fine talking wirelessly to my receiver radio plugged into USB on PC, but if I want to change any configuration on the board I have to plug in directly to the USB on the module. What is the reasoning behind not providing a Rx1?

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GPX File format


Anyone knows where I can find a free (opensource, etc...) GPX File output library, written in C or similar ?

In my project I'll add a GPX export feature to the satellite logs.

Thank you!

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GnssInfo::fixMode always returns zero

I'm compiling Navspark BD with GNSS library. The NMEA output indicates a fix - $GNRMC,040640.600,A,2728.0714,S,15259.4246,E,000.0,006.6,280814,,,A*69 I'm call the GnssInfo.fixMode() function in task_called_after_GNSS_update(). It always returns zero. The programming guide states ..."There is one GNSS object, GnssInfo, which is pre-instantiated in “GNSS.cpp” when user selects “Leon3 with GNSS library” in Processor menu. User can use this object to retrieve navigation solution and access related…

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Need compiled SD logger

Hi all, I am still trying to have my Navspark log positions to a SD card. I tried modifying Jason Lin's SD_card_access_example (http://www.navspark.com.tw/blog/sd-card-library-for-adapter-board), which works for me as it is, but I wasn't able to rewrite it for my needs. Next I tried Ian Tester's FatFS library (https://github.com/Imroy/NavSpark-FatFilesystem), which I can't compile, giving me strange error messages or empty ones. Then I found some work by Pixel_K in the comments of the sd…

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John Moore commented on Jason Lin's blog post 1PPS Phase-Locked Programmable Frequency Output
"This looks very promising. A couple of questions:
1) Does the device speak NMEA or binary? The catalog page lists a binary reference document only. Is there other documentation if I want to write software to talk to the device?
2) What is the data r…"
27 minutes ago
Ralph Loveday posted a discussion
I'm compiling Navspark BD with GNSS library.The NMEA output indicates a fix - $GNRMC,040640.600,A,2728.0714,S,15259.4246,E,000.0,006.6,280814,,,A*69I'm call the GnssInfo.fixMode() function in task_called_after_GNSS_update(). It always returns zero.T…
40 minutes ago
John Moore replied to Bri3D's discussion Arduino for NavSpark on OSX
"Hmm... didn't quite work for me, any ideas?It built, with a resulting binary of 571,904 bytes. However, the upload fails as follows:Check image /Applications/Arduino-NavSpark.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/leon/firmwares/venus822/demo_…"
41 minutes ago
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2 hours ago
Jason Lin commented on Jason Lin's blog post 1PPS Phase-Locked Programmable Frequency Output
"1PPS and TIMEPULSE2 are derived from 81.84MHz clock source. Programmable TIMEPULSE2 is generated from NCO, thus will have some phase jitter compared with analog frequency source, but pulse count will be highly accurate.Yes, phase jitter can be clean…"
5 hours ago
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12 hours ago
Dr Borislav Mantchev, LINTEC commented on Jason Lin's blog post 1PPS Phase-Locked Programmable Frequency Output
"This time pulse is highly accurate in frequency pulse count, but does not have very low phase noise specification. To have low phase noise, customermust add external circuit such as PLL.
Jason, pls show some details about PLL you used and programmin…"
13 hours ago
Tisham Dhar replied to Tisham Dhar's discussion NS-RAW Eagle footprint
"Sorry I meant this module - http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/s1315f8-raw-carrier-phase-raw-mea... for building OEM systems, e.g. a raw logger with event marking for UAV + camera applications."
22 hours ago
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23 hours ago
MaX replied to Lukas K's discussion Need compiled SD logger
"Last night I finished modifying the SD_Card_Access_Example_4_8EACC440.zip example.
I deleted a bunch of stuff, and fixed a negative value it was outputting on the latitude. The output loads directly into Google Earth.
I'll post it later when i'm hom…"
Jason Lin replied to Tisham Dhar's discussion NS-RAW Eagle footprint
"NS-RAW is designed with Altium Designer, so unfortunately we don't have Eagle library. The pin-stick pitch is 2.54mm, fits bread-board, so should be easy to determine header locations on your board.
Note that NS-RAW update firmware at bottom of belo…"
Tisham Dhar posted a discussion
Hi,I am planning to build an SD based logger around the NS-RAW. Is it possible to get an Eagle library part for the module to ease board development. Just a pin header is fine I think, but dimensions will be handier.Cheers,whatnick.
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julio menezes replied to julio menezes's discussion NS-RAW antenna tension and 12V antenna
"Dear Jason Lin,thank you for your answer and directions.I will try http://www.minicircuits.com/I start testing NS-RAW and get very good results in static mode with Skytrack antennas but only float for kinematics.I will share my results later on. I w…"
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